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Camouflage net DIGITAL

Рекомендуемая розничная цена
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Camouflage series nets are very lightweight, of popular colors and quick drying because they are made of 100% synthetic material.

Patterned camouflage net without the supporting material made of Oxford fabric. Shadowing at least 80%. Width of the net is specified in the maximum stretched state. The fabric is resistant to moisture, breaking loads, it is noise-free.

Camouflage series nets have 2 different types of cutting.

The pattern is cut with special equipment and excludes delamination. In this series we use new S-shaped cutting of the net, thanks to which the net is not light transmittable
The new low-cost camouflage nets without the supporting material have 5 new colors: “Russia,” “NATO,” “Woodland,” “Moss” and “Digi Camouflage”.

The special low-cost series is used in various fields for hiding or concealing objects.

Camouflage colors: DIGIGTAL

Potential application:

  • For camouflaging people and objects in allotment gardens;
  • For hunting and fishing;
  • Covering material for cars or other transport;
  • Shade material for gazebos;
  • Installation on fences with wire mesh or other;
  • Other types of application.

Several nets fastening with cable ties is possible.

  • Temperature range of application: –40...+40 °C.
  • Material: 100% polyester fabric.
  • Shading: 60–80 % max.
The warranty period is 2 years in compliance with the operating procedures.

2 years
Application temperature range
- 40...+40 C
Camouflage net DIGITAL
Camouflage net DIGITAL