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Camouflage nets and protective and decorative coverings — this is the most popular and cost-effective method of structural camouflage on the ground. Using camouflage nets, it is possible to hide object of any shape or volume. Nets have been successfully used for a long time already at military facilities. However, scope of application of camouflage is not limited thereby.

For summer houses

For hunting

Camouflage nets are a favorite method of camouflage of the hunters. Due to natural coloring of “Scenery” series any object and person will be well-camouflaged on the ground. Nets can be used in any conditions: they are strong, durable and almost do not wear out.

Field Camouflaging

Masking net can be used for designing of shooting ranges and paintball sites, different cafes and bars, clubs and theme stores, holiday camps and recreation areas. The scope of use of masking nets continuously grows wider. They have ceased being camouflage for military facilities only long ago.

For decoration

Decorators value not only the unique style, but also the material properties. Camouflage net is made of a special polymer or textile fiber coated with polyurethane. This two-sided material (with different color patterns) is virtually noiseless and produces no flecks. Properties are kept even at extreme temperatures. Masking net is immune to flame, moisture, mould, and ultraviolet radiation.

You can find a wide range of making nets on our web site:

  • these are nets for camouflaging of military facilities;
  • nets designed to camouflage a hunter in the field;
  • nets used in household (as shaded shelters at allotment gardens, or as a fence cover);
  • multipurpose masking nets;
  • decorative nets for interior design.