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Camouflage net Landscape-Pro DUCK

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Camouflage nets of Landscape-Pro series are made of lightweight bulk mesh material of various combined colors.


These products are perfect for camouflaging in any conditions. If it is necessary to cover large objects, products of standard sizes are connected to each other using mounting clamps or a nylon cord.

To provide an additional strength of the products, all types of the Landscape-Pro series are manufactured on the basis of a nylon net with 50×50 mm cells and an edging strip made of a polyamide cord, 6 mm in diameter, with fastening loops.

Protective coatings of the Landscape-Pro series are the most interesting protective coatings in our range. Due to the light material and a wide range of colors, these camouflage nets represent a highly popular method of camouflage among hunters. Nets of the Landscape series have a specific 3D coloring: forest, duck, sagebrush, reed, snow, military. Camouflage nets of the Landscape series are the best method for a hunting style decoration.

Patterned camouflage net with the supporting material made of RIPSTOP polyester fabric with polyurethane impregnation. Shadowing at least 65%.

Width of the net is specified in the maximum stretched state. The pattern is cut with special equipment and excludes delamination.

The fabric is resistant to breaking loads, color fading and it is noise-free. It is resistant to moisture, fuels, lubricants and detergents.

Potential application:

  • For camouflaging people and objects in allotment gardens;
  • For hunting and fishing;
  • Covering material for cars or other transport;
  • Shade material for gazebos;
  • Installation on fences with wire mesh or other;
  • Other types of application.

Several nets fastening with cable ties is possible.

Basic parameters:

  • Nylon net frame with 50×50mm cells;
  • Flexible and noise-free;
  • Protection against ultraviolet rays;
  • Protection against decay and mold;
  • 100% waterproof;
  • Special treatment in order to reduce gloss and glare;
  • Mixed use.
The service life is unlimited in the absence of mechanical damages

2 years
Application temperature range
-40 - +40 C
green, yellow, brown
Camouflage net Landscape-Pro DUCK
Camouflage net Landscape-Pro DUCK