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Film for mulching

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Film cover makes it possible to effectively adjust the temperature and moisture, protect surface of fertile soil layer against impact of winds, harmful precipitation and other unwanted atmospheric phenomena, therewith maintaining optimal soil structure. Correct application of such film accelerates maturity and increases yield of crop species.

Mulching film is made of 100% LDPE in accordance with GOST 10354-82; it is elastic, resistant to moisture and frost, and hygienic. Film may be used at any areas.

Black and white mulching film has the following features:

  • moisture evaporation is slowed down which allows for saving on irrigation and fertilization;
  • it keeps soil looser – a plant root system “breathes”, and no loosening is required;
  • it provides for uniform soil warming up;
  • it provides for decent saleable condition of products – lesser amount of flawed berries since moulds and rot are excluded;
  • it creates unfavorable conditions for weed plants – possibility to save on use of herbicides;

Using the black mulching film in agriculture makes it possible to make a great impact on the rate of harvest maturation. So by using the mulching film you cut the expenses during cultivation of strawberry, lettuces, vegetables and other agricultural crops. Root system develops more actively and harvest will be ready earlier and in larger amount.

Also, you can decrease the rate of harvest maturation. For this reason, we offer white mulching film. It is also called a milk film. White layer reflects sunbeams. In this case, soil will be warmed slower and maturity will happen 1.5-2 weeks later.

We offer black and white mulching film in bulk!

Film for mulching
Film for mulching