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New! Camouflage banner net!

19 May 2021

Dear partners! We would like to present you the new product – Camouflage banner net, it is a good alternative to the classic masking net. This product is convenient to use for creation of a hide, cache or a deer stand.

This material can withstand temperatures from –30 to +70 °C, such net can be used throughout the Russian Federation. We offer banner net in our classic colors from the Camouflage series. 

The material has a web-like structure, does not produce flecks under sun and is silent under the effects of wind. This net can be dried quickly and you can wash it with soapy water. 

Camouflage banner net can be used by:

  • individual hunters – every hunter wants to come to the hunt and organize a quality hide or cache;
  • outfitting companies – it is important to arrange sturdy and reliable hides, caches or deer stands that will last for several years;
  • fisheries – can be used as a shading canopy or as a decoration;
  • holiday camps – can be used as a shaded canopy, separation fence or as a decoration.
We offer banner net in our classic colors from the Camouflage series: in color “NATO,” “Russia,” “Moss,” “Beige”