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NEW! Expansion of the color range of the “Landscape” camouflage nets

3 May 2021
Dear partners,

we would like to present a NEW masking net from the “Landscape” series in a new color: Foliage, Italy, Desert, Wormwood.

Masking in the field is an important element of hunting. For successful hunting, it is necessary not only to find the game animal, but also to see it in time and reach it unnoticed or let it approach within a shot. Experienced hunters know how important it is to use masking nets and camouflage. According to the experience, efforts and resources spent, for example, on preparation and masking of hide during waterfowling, certainly result in a plentiful kill.

Masking nets of the “Landscape” series are manufactured of modern non-woven material. Such net has obvious advantages during hunting, as:
  • it is resistant to moisture, and water simply runs off from fabric in rain;
  • it does not rot and produces no flecks;
  • it produces no noise and has no distinct smell;
  • it is resistant to ultraviolet;

Our masking net is light, robust and has a wide range of color patterns which is perfect for establishment of a hide for hunting in an autumn or spring forest, in dry bulrush, dry grass, in corn and cereal grain fields.


DESERT color

ITALY color


Appropriate masking will make it possible for you to come back home with plenty of hunted game and in a good mood!